tjSports Major League Baseball Pitch, Hit and Run

Our 2013 event was held on May 7 at Sunrise Park.


Congratulations to everyone and good luck to the following qualifiers at the sectional competition:


Hannah Beach, Ethan Bruce, Pearl Cole, Felicity Jacobsen,

Gregg Roundtree, Zion Roundtree, Isaac Skalak, Jack Stege


Our top finishers:

BOYS 7-8

Pitching:    FOUR-WAY TIE

Hitting:       THREE-WAY TIE

Running:    Zion Roundtree

OVERALL:  Zion Roundtree


Boys 9-10

Pitching:    Jack Stege

Hitting:       Isaac Skalak

Running:    Gregg Roundtree

OVERALL:  Gregg Roundtree


Boys 11-12

Pitching:     Ethan Bruce

Hitting:        Ethan Bruce

Running:     Ethan Bruce

OVERALL:   Ethan Bruce


Girls 7-8

Pitching:     FIVE-WAY TIE

Hitting:        FIVE-WAY TIE

Running:     Felicity Jacobsen

OVERALL:   Felicity Jacobsen


Girls 9-10

Pitching:      Hannah Beach

Hitting:         TIE (Hannah Beach & Klee Hamelin)

Running:      Hannah Beach

OVERALL:    Hannah Beach


Girls 11-12

Pitching:      Pearl Cole

Hitting:         Pearl Cole

Running:      Pearl Cole

OVERALL:    Pearl Cole